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Lejja Natural Hot Spring, – Nowadays, people need more time to relax to get their energy back and Lejja natural hot spring has what people need for relaxation moment.

Image Photo of Lejja Natural Hot Spring South Sulawesi Pictures
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Image Photo of Natural Hot Spring Lejja Indonesia PicturesHere is what people need to know about the hot spring which located in Soppeng district, South Sulawesi.

Lejja Natural Hot Spring – Facilities and Attractions

As mentioned above, Lejja Natural Hot Spring is located in Soppeng district so traveler need to travel about two hundred kilometers from Makassar.

Travelers can drive motorcycle or car to go to this spring. For travelers who do not drive their own vehicle, they may contact some travel agencies in Makassar.

When you enter this city, do not be surprised if you are welcomed by the noise and smell of bats since this city is well known as the Bats city. However, travelers do not need to be worried since they will not appear in the Lejja hot spring.

Before entering Lejja hot spring, travelers can enjoy stunning scenery of the forest around the hills. The trip will be worth it for this beauty. There are private pools, shower room, toilet, resorts, a meeting room and a tennis court in this hot spring too.

Travelers need to pay Rp. 10,000.00 for adults and Rp. 5,000 for kids entrance fee on the gate There are five big pools in this hot spring.

The first pool has very hot water so travelers need to be careful. If travelers bring some eggs, they can boil them there.

The second pool is lukewarm and shallow. Thus, children and adult non-swimmers are allowed to swim in this pool.

The third pool is lukewarm and quite deep. It is appropriate for adults and there is a boat for those who are afraid to swim in it.

The fourth pool has normal water, not so hot or cold, but only adults are allowed in it. The fifth pool is the last one and it also has normal water.

It is located on the eastern side of a jumping board provided. With several alternatives of hot springs in one location, travelers may enjoy one based on their need and preference.

Some Tips for Travelers on Lejja Natural Hot Spring

The road to go to the Lejja hot spring is quite difficult. It is better for travelers to drive motorcycles. There also two ways for tourist object’s entrance.

The first is through the provided path and the second one is through a stair down to the pools. Travelers need to be careful since the paths are quite steep and slippery during rainy season.

If travelers are not really comfortable swimming together with other travelers or visitors, they may take a walk in a path besides the pools and find their own hot water source on the river.

Photo Image of Lejja Natural Hot Spring Indonesia Pictures Image Photo of Holiday Destinations Lejja Natural Hot Spring South Sulawesi Pictures Photo Image Of Indonesia Destinations with Kids in South Sulawesi Lejja Natural Hot Spring Pictures Image Photo of Swimming Pool Lejja Natural Hot Spring Pictures Image Photo of Water Source of Lejja Natural Hot Spring PicturesAt the end of the path, you will find a big tree where the water comes from. Travelers may also wear swimsuit in this hot spring but casual clothes are already okay.

There are a lot of facilities in Lejja hot spring that travelers can enjoy. Travelers will see beautiful sceneries before and enjoying the warmness in the hot spring. So, prepare everything and enjoy Lejja hot natural hot spring!