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Akkarena Beach, -If travelers are looking for an alternative beach, travelers may visit the Akkarena Beach.Image Photo Akkarena Beach Makassar Pictures

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Image Photo of Akkarena Beach Indonesai Destinations PicturesThis beach is located in Makassar, Indonesia, precisely in front of the GTC Makassar Mall. It only takes 10 minutes of driving from the center of the city.

So, if travelers are tired of shopping, travelers can go here for dome relaxation. By the way, what are the other things to see? Travelers can find the answer in the following sections.

Things We Can See at Akkarena Beach

The complete name of the beach is Akkarena Tanjung Bunga and it is under the management of the Gowa Makassar Tourism Development Company.

The most interesting thing that travelers will see here is the black sand. Unlike the wonderful white-sand beaches, this beach has black sand yet it looks beautiful indeed and very exotic.

Next to the beach, travelers can also enjoy the sunset which will be the most pleasant thing to see whenever travelers are lying down on the beach.

Since it has been under the management of the company, travelers can also try the available facilities. For example, travelers can enjoy the water fox and the fly spot.

More than that, travelers can ride on the banana boat, the jet sky and even the canoe. Soon after travelers are tired, travelers can use the local shower and start walking around the local food stalls.

These stalls offer travelers the best street food in the beach. In certain period of times, usually in the long holiday or in the weekend, travelers can also enjoy live music performance.

When it comes to the beach, the best music will be the reggae songs. When travelers find one here, travelers can dance all night long till drop.

Akkarena Beach – How to Get Here and Rate

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Image Photo of Akkarena Beach South Sulawesi Pictures
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The access to the beach is very easy. The beach is only 4 kilometers away or about 8 minutes of driving from the center of the city.

The beach has wide parking space so travelers don’t need to worry about not finding a spot for travelers vehicle. The parking rate for motorcycle is IDR 3,000 and for car is IDR 5,000. This beach is open from 07:00 to 24:00 in local time. The ticket price is IDR 10,000 per person.

As travelers have read in the previous sections, travelers will find so many facilities available here but the price is set apart.

Travelers can also go swimming in the beach and when visitors want to wash traveler self clean, travelers can take the local shower. This will cost travelers around IDR 5,000.

Definitely, by night travelers will be very hungry. Luckily, there are some local food stalls that travelers can visit. These places offer travelers great fish dishes.

Visitors can even go fishing in these stalls. When travelers get fish, they can have it grilled by the waiter or the waitress. The dish here usually costs around IDR 35,000.

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This beach has everything. It has great view, great beach to hangout on, and great food to taste. The facilities are great already and this place is definitely very exotic. When it comes to decide on vacation destination, Akkarena Beach should definitely get on the list.