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Kodingareng Keke Island, – Travelers definitely need to know that there is heaven in the middle of Sulawesi Sea called Kodingareng Keke Island.

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Many travelers still do not know about this island, and it explains why this island is still pretty quite comparing to other tourist destinations around there.

Facts About Kodingareng Keke Island

This island is located about 14 kilometers from Losari beach, Makassar. It is not far away so travelers only need to spend about 50 up to 60 minutes to reach the island. And usually visitor will transit in Samalona ( Read more about Samalona Island Destinations )

From Makassar, travelers need to go to the nearest dock or port near to the Fort Rotterdam. Then, travelers will find a boat to rent.

Renting rate is around Rp 400.000,00 to Rp 500.000,00 a day for eight to 10 passengers. Along the way, travelers will be able to enjoy clear and blue sky, warm weather, and calm seas.

It is indeed an incredible view and atmosphere along the way to the island. Arriving in the island, travelers will get to a different world, away from crowd. The clean-white sand will welcome travelers when they dock their ship on the beach.

The sand of this island is smooth, while the sea water is clear. As travelers arrive to the island, travelers can already see many of beautiful small fishes and star fishes through the water on the port.

There are some big trees around the island for shade while enjoying the island. This already gives more than enough attraction.

Such clear water will be perfect for snorkeling and diving. The coral reefs are natural and very beautiful like no other places can have.

The calm sea invites traveler to spend the day swimming and enjoying the sun. When travelers get tires, there will be more than enough trees for shade while lying down on the beach.

For best experience, travelers should visit the island around June to September or whenever it is not during rainy season.

Some Tips before Going to Kodingareng Keke Island

One thing needs to be noted by travelers is that the sea is usually calm. However, in some occasion, it will be quite rough.

It is highly recommended for travelers to check the weather condition first before deciding to visit the island. In addition to it, it is better for travelers to get to the island early.

As can be expected, the island will be less windy and less people would be there. Beside the weather is calmer, it provides travelers to spend more time in the island.

Early arrival also means fewer visitors, and it makes the island more like a private island to enjoy. Travelers will also need to bring some food, extra clothes, and sunblock cream.

Diving or snorkeling equipments will be needed too for them who wants to do it. There is no shop or rental agent in the island so it is better for travelers to bring their own.

The island is actually an inhabited island but it is already equipped with necessary facilities for visitors.

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This small paradise offers everything, from beautiful view to the most relaxing atmosphere. Being far from crowd, travelers can enjoy natural beauty in the best way they like.

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With enough facilities provided too, Kodingareng Keke Island definitely needs to be on traveler’s adventure destinations list.