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Lake Sentani Papua, – If you talk about Papua, you may know Raja Ampat.

Image Photo of Sentani Lake Tour Travel Point of Interest Papua Pictures
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But do you know that there is another charming creature like Lake Sentani? This lake is located under the slope of Cyclops strict nature reserve.

It is one of the tourism destination in Papua because it is near from the capital (50 km) and accessable. You can enjoy the view by renting a boat.

Every year in the middle of June, the local held an annual festival to attract the tourist to come.

The festival is becoming the main of annual tourism schedule. You can see the traditional dance, papua’s war dance, coronation of condoafi and the culinary festival.

If you are interesting to dive, this place is the recommended one. You will find 30 species of fishes, some of them is the endemic of this lake. You won’t find them in another lake in the world.

Image Photo of Sentani Lake Papua Travel Destination PicturesThe fantastic landscape even can you enjoy before you’re landing. Just see the lake from your window plane and you will find some island around the lake.

You will be surprise if you know that there are 22 islands there! This is a really big lake (600 km2).

How To Go To Lake Sentani Papua

It is easy to reach Lake Sentani. You just need to land at Sentani Airport then driving to Lake Sentani. It is not taking a long time to get there.

If you visit with some members, you might want to rent a car. You just need to pay IDR 650.000/day.

If you want to get a new experiece, you can use a motorcycle service which is called ojek but if you go on group, you need more than one ojek because one ojek is only for one person. It just need 15 minute from Sentani Airport to Sentani Lake.

The Cost To Visit Lake Sentani

If you fly from Jakarta, you just need to prepare IDR 1.000.000 to 2.600.000 to get Sentani Airport.

Image Photo of Sentani Lake Papua Tourism Place PicturesFrom there, you can rent a car per day by paying IDR 650.000. Want to ride a boat to enjoy the lake? You need to rent a boat from IDR 50.000.

How about the hotel? Don’t worry because there are many cheap hotel in Jayapura. You can choose the hotel from IDR 250.000 to 1.200.000 per night.

If you visit in group, the cost will be cheaper. So, if you want to visit Papua, it is better if you are in group. It will be a nice experience if you want to stay overnight in a homestay.

Image Photo of Sentani Lake Papua Indonesia PicturesSome local people provide rooms for tourist. The advantage is near the location. If you prefer a nice hotel, you might need one hour to go back to Sentani.

If you don’t want to lose your money, don’t take picture of the local. It is better if you ask their permission to do that and ensure they won’t give you a charge.

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Then if you want to buy a souvenir, just bargain it with half of the price. Well hopefully, you get amazing adventure in Lake Sentani Papua.