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Gusung Island Makassar, allIndonesiaDestinations.Com – Near to Makassar city port, there is a beautiful place called.

This small island is more than worthy to visit. It offers many things to do as well. Let’s find out more about it.

The Island and What Travelers can Do at Gusung Island Makassar

This island is actually a one-kilometer dike that extends from north to south. It is built for dampening the waves that coming into the port area in Makassar.

Image Photo of Gusung Island Makassar Beach Destination in IndonesiaHowever, as the sedimentation process occurs continuously on the dike, the white sand accumulates on the north side of the embankment. The white sand is gradually growing and widening to form this island.

This island is located only 1.6 km from Makassar port. Travelers can go to the island only for five minutes by speed boat from Pier Popsa, Makassar.

Travelers do not need to rent a boat but by simply buying a ticket around Rp15,000.00. It is only a short journey but travelers can get a lot of things while travelers heading to Gusung Island.

Image Photo of Gusung Island Makassar Indonesia Point of Interest PicturesThey can see a lot of boats and big ships which are heading to the port. It is a small but big pleasure actually.

Reaching the island, travelers need to walk on the shallow water to go to the land. The water is crystal clear so travelers can see fishes swimming around their feet. The white sand is soft and the sky is clear.

Image Photo of Gusung Island Makassar travel Tips PicturesThe natural beauty of the island is already everywhere. There is no tree around the island sadly. What travelers can see is just sand all over the place. This is actually a chance for those who like to enjoy sunlight.

Beach volley ball should be added on the activities list with wide space without trees and only beach sand. For those who like sun bathing, this is a perfect spot to get tanned. When it gets hotter, travelers can get some shade from the gazebos built around the area.

There are some activities that travelers can do in this island such as playing water on the beach, swimming, snorkeling and even diving. If travelers are good at swimming and snorkeling, they can dive while feeding fish around the island.

Image Photo of Gusung Island Makassar Traveling Guide PicturesTravelers can give noodles, bread, even rice to the fish and they will come to travelers. There is no restrictions about food to give so far. Indeed, this island is perfect for muck diving.

Some Tips for Travelers at Gusung Island Makassar

As Gusung Island is an inhabited island, there is no shop there. Travelers should bring their own need.

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It is highly recommended for travelers to bring some food or maybe some raw meat to have barbeque party on the island. Don’t forget to bring enough water in such hot place.

Travelers can also camp on the island but they need to be careful since the water may rise on the evening. If travelers want to go swimming or diving, travelers shall prepare their own equipments with no equipment store or rental agent in the island so far.

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Although this island is very small, it is a very good place for travelers to visit. Travelers can still do a lot of activities in this small island and its natural beauty is too good to ignore. From those reasons, Gusung Island Makasaar is more than worthy to visit.