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Dutungan Island, allIndonesiaDestinations.Com – For those who would like to get lost in a great holiday, the Dutungan Island might be worth of consideration.

This island was located in the borders between the Regency of Barru and the Regency of Pare-Pare.

There are so many activities that you can do here and all of them will be very lovely. Do you want to know more? Then, please read the following sections.

How to Get Dutungan Island and Activities that We Can Do

Well, there are three ways to get to the island. First, you can take the bus or any other vehicle from the City of Makassar to the Tanjung Indah Harbour in the Regency of Barru.

The distance is about 130 km or 4.5 hours of driving. Second, you can take the bus or any other vehicle from the City of Barru to the harbor.

It is about 1.5 hours of driving. Third, you can take the bus or any other vehicle from the City of Barru to the harbor. It might take about 30 minutes of driving.

Now let’s talk about the activities that we can do here. First of all, the island is quite small but it has wonderful white-sand beach along with the clear-blue ocean.

Therefore, the very first activity that you can do is enjoying the sunrise and the sunset. Then, in the broad daylight you can do either swimming or snorkeling around the island.

Don’t worry, it is safe and there are many diving equipments available for rent. You can even go fishing around the beach or the harbor.

You can also go around the island and enjoy the wonderful teakwood forest. As an alternative, you can also enjoy the view on the marvelous mangrove trees nearby the beach, which is totally unique and refreshing.Photo Image Dutungan Island Bridge Photo Image Dutungan Island Sulawesi Photo Image Homestay at Dutungan Island Photo Image Vacation on Dutungan Island Photo Image Village on Dutungan Island

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Dutungan Island Accommodation

As soon as you get to the harbor, you will see about three ships and these ships will take you to the island. The rate for the ship is around IDR 50,000.

Then, when you arrive to the island you will be charged about IDR 30,000 for adults and IDR 15,000 for children as the admittance fee. After you settle down the charge, you are free to go and explore the island.

If you like diving or snorkeling, you can definitely rent the available equipment and the rate is about IDR 50.000.

Furthermore, if you want to stay for enjoying both the sunset and the sunrise, you can take one of resorts available here.

The rate is about IDR 250,000 – IDR 1,000,000 without breakfast (at least for some resorts).

Speaking about meal, you don’t need to be worried because there are lots of café and food stalls here. They serve you great food with great hospitality.Photo Image Dutungan Island Beach Corner Photo Image Dutungan Island Beach Photo Image Dutungan Island Jetty Photo Image Dutungan Island Resort Photo Image Dutungan Island Spot Vacation Photo Image Dutungan Island Transportation Photo Image Dutungan Island View from Jetty Photo Image Jetty to Dutungan Island

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Dutungan Island – Conclusion

Are you interested? I bet you are and you must be anticipating this right now.

Well, the last thing to do, after reading all of the explanations above, is to get there and get lost.

You can always go to the Dutungan Island for your unforgettable holiday.