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Kayangan Island, allIndonesiaDestinations.Com – You can try considering the Kayangan Island when you are thinking about a new holiday destination, either for you or for your friends.

According to the name, kayangan means heaven and that is what you will feel as soon as you get there.

Photo Image Kayangan Island Indonesia DestinationAre you interested? At least you might be interested. Anyway, please read the following sections for you find out more about the island.

Kayangan Island – Access and Activities

It is very easy to get to the island. You can take any ship that anchors in a harbor located in front of the Rotterdam Fortress.

To get to the harbor from the center of the city, it might only take about 8-10 minutes of driving. It is very easy, isn’t it?

So, let’s say when you are in the city of Makassar you should come and visit the island.

After talking about the access, now let’s talk about the activities that we can do here.

First of all, you can see so many things that occur over the Rotterdam Fortress and the surrounding area. The reason is that the island is very close to the City of Makassar.

Second, you can also enjoy viewing either the sunset or the sunrise complete with the beautiful white sand beach.

Third, you can also go swimming around the island. You can even take the banana boat and go around the island for some fun. This is very interesting, isn’t it?Photo Image Kayangan Island Access

Kayangan Island Accommodation

In this section, you will have explanation about the tickets and the accommodation. For your information, the island has been managed professionally by the local people.

So you don’t need to worry about anything since there are complete facilities that you can use. Then, the ticket for the ship to the island will cost you about IDR 30,000.

After you arrive to the harbor, you will be charged about IDR 30,000 as the entrance fee. Soon after you pay, you can go anywhere.

The island operates from 08:00 AM until 08:00 PM local time. But in the Saturday, the island closes around 10:00 PM.

When you want to rent the facilities here, you might need to prepare about IDR 50,000 – IDR 100,000 for the rate. The rate might vary depending on the equipment that you rent.Photo Image Kayangan Island Clean Beach

Furthermore, if you want to stay for one night (at least), especially for having the combo of viewing the sunset and the sunrise, you can stay in the available resorts.

The rate of the resorts varies between IDR 150,000 to IDR 250,000. But if you just want to lie down for a while in the resort, you can take the ones that offer IDR 150,000 per three hours (short time).

About the meal, you don’t need to worry as well. There are restaurants and cafés all over the island.

So you just need to find one that offers you the best price with the ultimate hospitality.Photo Image Kayangan Island View Destination Photo Image Kayangan Island Vacation in Indonesia

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Kayangan Island – Conclusion

By the way, have you had any idea about the holiday? Whatever your idea is, a trip to the small island is worth a thousand considerations.

Definitely, spending the holiday here will be an unforgettable moment. The Kayangan Island will always call you for your holiday.